See You Real Soon Mickey Beach Towel
This nostalgic towel is ideal for vacations and coming out the shower!

See You Real Soon Mickey Beach Towel

Good ol’ Mickey Mouse. Doesn’t he just seem like part of the family sometimes? Despite being a fictional cartoon character, this big-eared rodent has captivated us for what seems like an eternity and become a welcomed staple in our society along the way. More so, the charm and class this illustrated icon carries has warranted that attention and put Minnie’s significant other in a class of his own, when it comes to animated lead roles. For these reasons, his smiling mug has become a trademark of people enjoying themselves across the globe.

Carry on that distinguished tradition of Mickey’s, by spreading the positive vibes with a See You Real Soon Mickey Beach Towel. Soft and absorbent, this comfortable towel is ideal for spending a long, relaxing day at the beach or pool and big enough to accommodate most sizes of people at 30"W x 60"L. Plus, because the machine-washable item features everyone’s favorite Disney character, kids will be begging to use the towel in the house as well, after showering and a long day of playing outside.

To incorporate Mickey Mouse’s everlasting feel-good attitude into your home, purchase the See You Real Soon Mickey Beach Towel today and wipe away the negativity in your life every day afterwards.

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