Steam Up Your Kitchen With The Mickey Minnie Sweet Together Towel Set
Ideal for cooking at home or outside on the barbeque!

Mickey Minnie Sweet Together Kitchen Towel Set

Romeo & Juliet. Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt. Ross & Rachel. These might be some of the most storied relationships in our history, but none of them can hold a finger to Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse. This animated duo has been almost inseparable since their relationship kicked off during Walt Disney’s debut Steamboat Willie and have stood the test of time since 1928.

To help maintain such a heartfelt story of your own, there are a number of things you’ll eventually have to do and understand as a couple. However, one extremely quick way to up the love in your household is with the Mickey Minnie Sweet Together Kitchen Towel Set. Great as a gift or for practical purposes, this three-piece kitchen companion set includes a hot pad, oven mit and dish towel, which each feature different tender moments from famous furry couple. Plus, they’re machine washable, making upkeep easy as possible.

No matter who’s doing the cooking, you’ll put a smile on the face of the loved one in your home with this nostalgic Mickey Minnie Sweet Together Kitchen Towel Set. (Buy Now)

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