Wholesale Towels Are Ideal For Coastal Getaways
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If you’re like the majority of Americans and stuck in the middle of the map, you probably take your fun in the sun-type vacations on the coastlines of our country. Areas like Florida, California and the Carolinas are relatively close and offer quality beaches and affordably-priced stays, making the trips ideal for those of us who can’t afford to fly their family to the Bahamas or someplace tropical. Well, if you’re all but packed and ready to hit the warm weather head on for your next US road trip, you might consider bringing along any of our Disney or Nickelodeon beach towels.

Browse Jerry Leigh’s selection of beach-oriented towels and you’ll immediately be able to picture yourself walking down the coast of the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean, looking to claim your spot in the sand. Not only that, but with items such as the Spongebob High Beach Towel or the Mickey Mouse One & Only Beach Towel, you’ll be doing so with a soft and absorbent item that features cartoon favorites everyone around you will appreciate. Plus, because these five-foot towels are machine washable, all you’ll have to do after a long day on the water is throw it in a load of laundry for continued use.

If you’re currently planning your next trip or simply trying to find a beach towel that matches your playful attitude, you’ll find numerous options in Jerry Leigh’s complete selection of Wholesale Licensed Towels below. Choosing the character? Now, that’s the hard part. (Buy Now)

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